Our Partner Farms

Who helped make my product?

You’re supporting and strengthening the livelihood of small, women-owned farms that value safety, sustainability, and quality at all times. This sense of support and connection runs deep within the values of Farmer’s Body.

Each of our products displays a unique batch number. Enter the number below to learn more about the sources we use and the small farmers who contributed:

Lavender Essentials
Michele Capron
Cedar Mountain Farm

Farmers Kerry Gawalt and Stephen Leslie


Soaper’s Choice
Meghan Healy
Base oils, emulsifying wax, sodium lactate
Fat Gold
Kathryn Tomajan
Olive Oil
Townsend Honey Farm
LeeAnn Townsend
Barred Woods Maple
Barb, Matt, Charlotte, and Dawn
Maple Syrup
Cobb Hill
Meggan Wehmeyer