Our Story

I used to have this dream...

Of a life where I baked my own bread made from wheat harvested on my land and then I would make French toast with that bread and with eggs I collected that morning from my chickens, milk from my cow and then I would drizzle sticky maple syrup from my own tapped sugarbush over that same bread. I wore an adorable stylish apron designed by Joanna Gaines and used safe ingredients to keep my family healthy. My kids helping in the kitchen in sibling harmony and joyfully cleaning their rooms, too (yeah ok, that last part is far-fetched). 



And then I woke up.

I mean, baking bread IS pretty fun and therapeutic. Sometimes. When I feel like it. But let's face it, cows realistically aren't going to be my next pet (fresh milk- sweet! at 3am- no thanks). And how many people today have access to a wheat field or a sugarbush?

And you KNOW with 3-6 kids, sibling harmony is...well...let's just say it's a work in progress.

But here's the thing...when I woke up, I kept a part of that dream.

I woke up on this amazing farm at a co-housing village in Vermont where I had access to the most caring and conscientious farmers in America. (Spoiler- I know the people with the cows and the sugarbush in real life!). 

Thus was born: Farmer's Body- Farm to Tub for Every Body

So throw your shoes off, crank on your shower and let us bring wholesome and farm fresh body care to you in style.

Farmer’s Body was founded at the Cobb Hill co-housing ecovillage in Hartland, VT. Cobb Hill is a very special and unique place to be...where you can live ON a farm but not BE the farmers. You don't have to milk cows yourself, but can chat daily with the farmer (Kerry) who does, and look out over the lush field of her market garden and buy her tallow and fresh milk at the on-site farmstand. I KNOW these people, from their agricultural practices to their dreams, and I trust them.

In this magical place, neighbors really *live* together- from sharing a stone pizza oven, gathering for 40th birthday celebrations, pulling invasive weeds together, celebrating the first day of Spring under the old apple tree and the first day of winter at the shared community wood stove (it heats all of the Cobb Hill homes!) to sharing the journey of shepherding the community of kids who call Cobb Hill home. While we've outgrown our little home at Cobb Hill (we had 6 kids living in a 3 bedroom home during the pandemic and my mom, now retired, spends extended periods visiting and helping), we live not far away (in another amazing tight-knit community in Lyme, NH) and continue to participate in life at Cobb Hill. 

At Farmer's Body, we take that spirit of community and innovation and weave it into everything we do. We feel this is a beautiful way to share the magic of the Cobb Hill lifestyle all across the USA.

Everything we make features safe, natural ingredients grown on small farms.

Ingredients that work.

Stuff good enough to put IN your body as well as ON your body- like fresh Jersey milk, silky tallow, ripe blueberries, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and leafy greens, purple basil, thyme and calendula, pumpkin, fresh eggs, sweet maple syrup, Shiitake mushrooms and more. Yum! 

Even better- we actively seek out collaborations with women farmers whenever we can (which is a lot!).

And we make it pretty, too. 

Farmer’s Body literally and figuratively brings the fresh farm ingredients- from farmers we know and trust- to your family's tub. 

This is Us.

Hello! Nice to e-meet you:) My name is Meggan. Yes, two g's- blame my parents. I'm the main body behind Farmer's Body. I live with my husband and 3-6 kids. 


You: "Meggan, how do you have a variable number of children?"

Good question! We have 3 biological children and as a foster family, we help to support kids in our community who need a home for a while, we are happy to open our hearts to share our home. 



I grew up on the front range in Colorado, and am now a proud New Englander. Our family spent time living all across the country remodeling our homes (gotta love Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper), searching for just the right lifestyle and found it in New England.

Living my passion

I work part-time as a periodontist at a local non-profit dental office where I specialize in gum surgery and especially enjoy treating infants who have feeding difficulties. I am also a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), so this combo of surgeon plus lactation consultant works well! While I love serving the families who come to us, I also can't wait to slip on my apron or lab coat and sneak out to my studio where I live out my dream and my passion for researching ingredients, developing and creating the products for Farmer's Body. 


You: Meggan- you need help.

Me: Yes, yes, I definitely do. I can't do this all alone. Way too many hats to wear all by myself. I am so fortunate to be surrounded everywhere (at home, at Cobb Hill, at the dental office and at Farmer's Body) by other strong, joyful women (did I mention my dental office is also all women- dentists and staff?) who help put all these pieces in place and keep them all going. We love supporting other women!

Meet Jill.

Jill Renninger is basically an extension of my brain. She's my right hand gal and Farmer's Body Operations Manager. Her family is also a foster family so she too has a variable number of children! 

Her favorite part about working for Farmer's Body is delivering an order to a retail store and asking the customer service rep where she should put the Farmer's Body. She also texts me after a delivery that the Farmer's Body has been safely delivered. 

Meet Acadia.

Acadia is our assistant's assistant. Yep, even my assistant needs an assistant to keep me in line!

Meet Tamica.

Tamica is our production super-woman. It is rare to find someone nearby who already knows how to make soap, but a happy coincidence brought us together! She joined us in the summer of 2021 and has been an amazing addition to our team. 

Eco-friendly and clean.

We know your family's health and safety is super important to you. That's why all of our ingredients are carefully chosen, carefully sourced and relentlessly scrutinized for your well being. Farmer's Body is safe, eco-friendly, healthy and clean. All of our products are free from phthalates, parabens, triclosan, MEA, DEA, aluminum, sodium laurel sulfate, PEG, BHT, and siloxanes. 

We are proudly certified as a Vermont Green Business.


My favorite part- making people happy! Here's what our customers have to say about us...

“Farmer’s Body products are so amazingly delicious and work wonders for my skin. I love knowing that they are handmade in small batches and only use safe and natural ingredients. Their soaps, tallow balm, and lotion bars are among my favorite products. Everyone in my house (adults and kids) has used them!” -Greer Proctor-Dickson

 “The scent combos are subtle and the combinations are perfect! We love the soaps so much and they’re beautiful too. The tallow and soaps have helped our skin during winter months. Highly recommend!” -Carrie-Grace Washer

 “I purchased the lip balm gift set for my daughters-in-law and co-workers. Each commented on the packaging, and of course the wonderful lip balm!! So, far I have received excellent reviews on the peppermint and lavender balms!!” -Cindy Parker

 “Lovely products! All handmade- local, farm sourced business. Luxurious and natural. Highly recommend.” -Lauren Downes

“My 12 year old daughter just used the scrub and reported ‘We need an infinite supply of this!’ I agree. It’s really great for the skin, body and soul. Just makes you feel good!” -Sally Merrill Bouchard

 “I use the bath soaks every night to help me relax and to soften my skin. I love that they help to support small farms and they make me feel amazing.” -Anne Hovick

 “I am not really a body products person, but oh my! The bath soak makes my skin feel so incredible. My husband couldn’t believe how soft my legs were after I got out of the tub!” -Jill Renninger

 “Every Farmer’s Body product I’ve tried had exceeded my expectations. The hand cream deeply moisturizes, the soaps are beautifully crafted and gentle on my skin and the lip balms are perfect for dry lips. I would strongly recommend these products produced right here in the Upper Valley.” -Jill Rubin

Your turn! Let's do this dream together! 

We can't wait to get these goodies into your hands and heart!

Customer favorites include our pink grapefruit bar soap and body butter and our lavender foaming hand soap. Looking for the perfect gift? Lip balm sets always make a thoughtful and well-appreciated gift or give a gift certificate

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