About Us

"The simple life on the farm was everything to me. Nothing was more relaxing after a long plane flight than to reach the winding driveway that led up to my house. The quiet of the night was more soothing than a sleeping pill." -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Are you longing for that simplicity? Have you ever dreamed of a life where you bake your own bread made from wheat harvested on your land and then you make your own french toast with that bread and eggs from your chickens, milk from your cows and then drizzle sticky maple syrup from your own tapped trees over that same bread? Sounds so romantic, doesn't it? Go ahead, imagine that life...ahhhh "more soothing than a sleeping pill", right?


Except...baking bread is incredibly time consuming (seriously, how did my great grandma have time to go through all those rounds of raise, punch down, raise, knead, etc. and raise 6 kids?), and chickens poop everywhere and get eaten by coyotes, not to mention mucking stalls for cows and how many people today have access to a wheat field or a sugarbush? That's where we come in. Welcome to Farmer's Body...we'll bring a piece of that romantic farm life to you where you are- geographically and existentially...without the chicken poop! 


Farm to Tub for Every Body

Farmer’s Body literally and figuratively brings the goodness of small New England farm life to your tub. Farmer’s Body is a Vermont farm-based crafter of artisan bath and body products.  All products are made by hand at the Cobb Hill co-housing ecovillage in Hartland, VT (http://www.cobbhill.org/). Every item features ingredients grown by local farmers, including treats such as creamy fresh Jersey milk, silky tallow, ripe blueberries, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and leafy greens, purple basil, thyme and calendula, pumpkin, fresh eggs, sweet maple syrup, Shiitake mushrooms and more. 


This is Us.

Meggan and Loren are the bodies behind Farmer's Body. We grew up in Colorado, and are proud to call Vermont home. We spent time living all across the country searching for that peace and simplicity and found it living on a farm in Vermont. Cobb Hill is a grand "experiment" in living in community with each other and with the land. Meggan's intense love for this co-operative farm life (where she doesn't have to muck stalls, but can look out over the field of grazing Jerseys of her neighbor and buy their tallow and fresh milk at the on-site farmstand), interest in science (she majored in biology with a minor in chemistry at the University of North Carolina), attention to detail (she started out as a dentist doing measurements in millimeters) and creative style blend with Loren's entrepreneurial drive to create a truly fabulous product that shares a little piece of this special lifestyle.

Supporting the community.

Farmer's body recognizes the importance of supporting other local businesses. We use as many local suppliers as possible and seek out local family farms to supply our ingredients including fresh fruits and veggies, tallow, Jersey cow milk, eggs, mushrooms, herbs, flowers and more. This partnership is a win for everyone- for the farmers who gain an additional market, for Farmer's Body who accesses the freshest possible high quality ingredients and for our customers who benefit from an amazing product!

Eco-friendly and clean.

You can feel good using our products! Farmer's Body is eco-friendly, healthy and clean. All of our products are free from phthalates, parabens, triclosan, MEA, DEA, aluminum, sodium laurel sulfate, PEG, BHT, and siloxanes. 

We are proudly certified as a Vermont Green Business.


We love our customers! Here's what they have to say about us...

“Farmer’s Body products are so amazingly delicious and work wonders for my skin. I love knowing that they are handmade in small batches and only use safe and natural ingredients. Their soaps, tallow balm, and lotion bars are among my favorite products. Everyone in my house (adults and kids) has used them!” -Greer Proctor-Dickson

 “The scent combos are subtle and the combinations are perfect! We love the soaps so much and they’re beautiful too. The tallow and soaps have helped our skin during winter months. Highly recommend!” -Carrie-Grace Washer

 “I purchased the lip balm gift set for my daughters-in-law and co-workers. Each commented on the packaging, and of course the wonderful lip balm!! So, far I have received excellent reviews on the peppermint and lavender balms!!” -Cindy Parker

 “Lovely products! All handmade- local, farm sourced business. Luxurious and natural. Highly recommend.” -Lauren Downes

 “I absolutely LOVE this lotion. My hands feel soft but not greasy. It soaks in well, but doesn’t feel like it is gone right away.” -Kelly Bashaw

 “My 12 year old daughter just used the scrub and reported ‘We need an infinite supply of this!’ I agree. It’s really great for the skin, body and soul. Just makes you feel good!” -Sally Merrill Bouchard

 “I use the bath soaks every night to help me relax and to soften my skin. I love that they help to support small farms and they make me feel amazing.” -Anne Hovick

 “I am not really a body products person, but oh my! The bath soak makes my skin feel so incredible. My husband couldn’t believe how soft my legs were after I got out of the tub!” -Jill Renninger

 “Every Farmer’s Body product I’ve tried had exceeded my expectations. The hand cream deeply moisturizes, the soaps are beautifully crafted and gentle on my skin and the lip balms are perfect for dry lips. I would strongly recommend these products produced right here in the Upper Valley.” -Jill Rubin

 “I have used bar soap, sugar scrub and the foaming soap and each one leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I recently purchased the Vermont Sunset Summer Lotion and it smells and feels amazing!” -Janet Butera

 “High quality ingredients and a wide variety of fragrances—from old favorites (lavender) to unique combinations (avocado mint and carrot and calendula). It’s a great product!” -Colleen Lannon

 “Farmer's Body products made with local on the farm ingredients are a pleasure to have in my home.  They smell so naturally good and feel wonderful to the skin.  I especially like the Bath Bombs for a real treat after a hard day!”  -Sandy Gmur

 “I love the look, feel and smell of the Farmer's Body soaps.  I love the shampoo bar as I can stop buying one more plastic bottle in my efforts to reduce and rid myself of plastic.  It works great on my thin, fine hair.  The body butter is fantastic for soft feeling skin.  Worth every scent and they make great gifts for people.” -Coleen O'Connell

Ready to experience it for yourself? 

Customer favorites include our pink grapefruit bar soap and body butter and our lavender foaming hand soap. Lip balm sets always make a great gift or give a gift certificate!

What our products have...and what we've left out

You can feel good using our products! Farmer's Body is eco-friendly, healthy and clean. ALL of our products are free from phthalates, parabens, triclosan, MEA, DEA, aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, PEG, BHT, and siloxanes. Many of our products use exclusively natural fragrances and colors, however, some do incorporate phthalate-free fragrance and color for those who prefer a bit stronger scent or scents that are not available via essential oils, and for those who love the vibrant, lasting colors offered by mineral colorants. We disclose all ingredients on the packaging, so you can easily check your favorite products.

​Some broad spectrum preservatives are necessary in products that contain water to protect against mold and bacterial growth- otherwise they would not be available to ship and would need to be stored in the refrigerator. We didn't come to this decision lightly! The use rate in products that contain preservative is less than 0.2% because we maximize the non-preservative anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of our ingredients (such as pH and anti-oxidants). We have done our due diligence in deciding when/if to utilize preservatives and which preservatives to use. We use them only when absolutely necessary. Please feel free to ask any questions about this! While the preservatives extend the life of these products, they aren't going to last forever. We recommend using all products within 3-6 months after opening.

Variation in natural products: discoloration, separation

Note that because our products do utilize natural ingredients and are made by hand, they may vary from batch to batch. Some variation in size and shape or appearance, separation or settling of ingredients and some color fading (or darkening in the case of products containing vanilla) in hand crafted natural products is normal, expected and makes each product unique!

Special Requests

Need something special? Send us an email! We love custom requests- special ingredients, allergies, special occasions...as a small handcrafter, we are happy to accommodate custom orders! Please note that soap takes a minimum of 4 weeks to fully cure and be ready for bubbly use.


Interested in offering our products in your store?

 We currently have opportunities available for wholesale or private label accounts. No account is too big or too small. Please get in touch to snag a spot!