Our Story

I used to have a dream...

… of a life where I baked my own bread made from wheat harvested on my land, and then I would make French toast with that bread, with eggs I collected that morning from my chickens, milk from my cow and then I would drizzle sticky maple syrup from my own tapped sugarbush over that same bread.

I wore an adorable stylish apron designed by Joanna Gaines and used safe ingredients to keep my family healthy. My kids were helping in the kitchen in sibling harmony and joyfully cleaning their rooms, too (yeah ok, that last part is far-fetched).

And then I woke up. ;)

I mean, baking bread IS pretty fun and therapeutic. Sometimes. When I feel like it. But let's face it, cows realistically aren't going to be my next pet (fresh milk- sweet! at 3am- no thanks). And how many people today have access to a wheat field or a sugarbush? And you KNOW with 3-6 kids, sibling harmony is ... well ... let's just say it's a work in progress.

But here's the thing ... when I woke up, I got to keep a part of that dream!

I woke up on this amazing farm at a cohousing village in Vermont where I had access to the most caring and conscientious farmers in America. (Spoiler- I know the people with the cows and the sugarbush in real life!)

And so Farmer's Body was born!

Farmer’s Body was founded at the Cobb Hill cohousing ecovillage in Hartland, VT. Cobb Hill is a very special and unique place to be ... where you can live ON a farm but not BE the farmers.

You don't have to milk cows yourself, but can chat daily with the farmer (Kerry) who does, and look out over the lush field of her market garden and buy her tallow and fresh milk at the on-site farm stand.

I KNOW these people - from their agricultural practices to their dreams - and I trust them.

Farmer’s Body literally (and figuratively) brings fresh farm ingredients - from farmers we know and trust straight to your family's tub!

This is Us

Hello! Nice to e-meet you. :) My name is Meggan (yes, two g's - blame my parents). I'm the main body behind Farmer's Body. I live with my husband and 3-6 kids. 


You: "Meggan, how do you have a variable number of children?"

Good question! We have 3 biological children and as a foster family, we help to support kids in our community who need a home for a while; we are happy to open our hearts to share our home.  

I grew up on the front range in Colorado and am now a proud New Englander. Our family spent time living all across the country remodeling our homes (gotta love Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper), searching for just the right lifestyle and found it in New England.

Living My Passion

I work part-time as a periodontist at a local non-profit dental office where I specialize in gum surgery and especially enjoy treating infants who have feeding difficulties. I am also a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), so this combo of surgeon plus lactation consultant works well!

While I love serving the families who come to us, I also can't wait to slip on my apron or lab coat and sneak out to my studio where I live out my dream and my passion for researching ingredients, developing and creating the products for Farmer's Body. 

The Meaning Behind Our Name

I know. It's kind of a quirky name. But grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. The story is worth it!

Let’s travel back in time…picture a little girl with brown bangs, brown eyes, and a keen interest in all things crafty – sewing, cooking, gardening, etc. – as well as a deep love for science. This little girl was curious, creative, and wanted to one day own her own farm so she could make everything by hand.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, that little girl was me. Ever since I was little, I have always loved to make things. (The photo above is of 4 year old me with my grandma we called "Gagy" - the woman who made the quilt that inspired our logo (see below). And yes, I'm baking in a flower girl's dress. I've got style.

Now let's fast forward 30 some years to living at the Cobb Hill Cohousing community in Vermont. I got the bug to make soap, and I thought it would be really cool to use some of the products that Kerry, from Cedar Mountain Farm, and the other local farmers had available. I thought it would be great to use all of these local ingredients as well as give local farmers another avenue where they could sell their agricultural products. Of course, it helped that I lived in a place where I had access to all of these amazing people who had these fabulous ingredients that were local as well as sustainably grown. Ultimately, I realized it would be incredible to pull all of that together into bath and body products.

Once I embarked upon the soapmaking journey, I wanted to come up with a name that was not only catchy but also had depth. For several months, Loren (my husband) and I would throw out ideas to each other. One night, as we were lying in bed brainstorming, I suggested something with “farmhouse” and Loren said, “What about Farmer’s Body?” I was immediately intrigued. I thought, well, it’s a little bit quirky but it’s more memorable than something generic, like "Meggan’s Really Great Soap."

What I liked most about the name “Farmer’s Body” was that it made me do a double take. I quickly realized that this name had multiple layers to its meaning.

When I think about a farmer, I tend to think of a man – or at least I used to – in overalls and a straw hat. I didn’t really think about all of these women farmers – and there are A LOT of them! – who are working really hard to carry on so many of these agricultural traditions and traditional skills that are otherwise getting lost to big corporations. These corporations, like Walmart, who have dairy farms with thousands and thousands and thousands of cows are putting small farmers out of business. BUT the women farmers whom I have met are putting an immense amount of effort into trying to keep these traditions alive and well.

With the name Farmer’s Body, I could make a play on words. I would feature these amazing women farmers, with wonderful, capable, strong women’s bodies (instead of the traditional image of the farmer as some guy standing in a field), who are making an effort to uphold traditional farming values by using practices that are more sustainable for the earth and the animals while producing the highest quality of agricultural products. (Our original logo intentionally included the image of a woman farmer.)

So when you first saw the name Farmer’s Body, you probably thought it was referring to caring for the body, which is one layer of the meaning. But it’s also a tribute to the women who are in this industry and doing all of this remarkable work, which is another layer of the meaning. Since part of what inspires the name is having women farmers be involved in the process, I really wanted to focus on trying to source as much as I could from women farmers. And I truly could not do this business without them.

The Story of Our Logo

Before my grandmother passed away, I sat with her while she made a beautiful geometric flower quilt in a traditional pattern called “Cathedral Windows”. She painstakingly stitched every piece of that quilt completely by hand, and it is absolutely magnificent. It contains pieces of my grandmother's life. A bit of scrap from baby clothes she made, a dress she sewed, some birthday jammies.

While she was working on the quilt, I sat with her and absorbed the stories she told me, the techniques she shared, as well as the wisdom she bestowed upon me. (This quilt was actually on my wedding altar when I married my husband . . . “gasp” . . . over 17 years ago.)

My grandma passed away in the summer of 2021 and the one thing I asked for was the Cathedral Windows quilt. My Aunt knew exactly where to find it and I carried it and a piece of my grandmother back to Vermont with me on the plane.

Now, I have this precious, memory filled quilt hanging in the soap studio. It’s a testament to traditional wisdom, traditional handcrafting and the resiliency of strong women. It’s a reminder of the love, dedication, and hard work that it takes to make something truly beautiful, something lasting.

When I began Farmer’s Body, I was one woman on a mission to make a line of skincare products with farm safe ingredients available to everyone. I wanted to connect and support other women through this process. Now, years later, I employ six strong women in the soap studio, I work with women farmers, and I support women-owned businesses.

Although not an exact replication of the image in the quilt, the new Farmer’s Body logo was inspired by the petal designs in my grandmother’s quilt. It is a tribute to the strong women of our past, present, and future, and to the traditional wisdom that I use to create the very best products with the very best ingredients for everyone.

Meet The Team

You: "Meggan- you need help!"

Me: "Yes, yes, I definitely do." I can't do this all alone. Way too many hats to wear all by myself.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded everywhere (at home, at Cobb Hill, at the dental office and at Farmer's Body) by other strong, joyful women (did I mention my dental office is also all women- dentists and staff?) who help put all these pieces in place and keep them all going. We love supporting other women!

Meet Jill

Jill was the first to join the Farmer’s Body team in the Spring of 2019.

“Meggan and I met through our shared interest in fostering children. We actually shared a child! We transitioned a foster baby to her family and became fast friends. When her soap company began to grow and she needed help and I needed something to do and a little extra money, we partnered together and I became her first employee!”

I could not have continued to expand my company without Jill’s constant help!

“My job is to assist Meggan in daily operations, including everything from laundry, dishes, cleaning, organization, product inventory, capping, boxing, labeling, packaging, shipping, delivering (to post office, UPS, or local stores).”

Jill is the point person for Farmers Markets and craft fairs ⸺ packing, setting up, selling, repacking, unpacking and putting things away.

“I also help keep Meggan sane by bouncing around ideas for our studio space (furniture, decor, wall colors, etc) and carrying out those plans . . . I also help her process ideas for products (scents, colors, packaging etc). I even try them out in my bathtub. I help figure out shelving, storage, and rearrange product when we run out of space (often!). I also keep her healthy by bringing her lunches and making sure to add M&M’s to her regular shopping list!!”

What would I do without Jill??

Jill has a slew of favorite products, all in her favorite “flavor” pink grapefruit, including the foaming hand soap and bar soap. She also loves the citrus scent.

Meet Tamica

Tamica joined the Farmer’s Body team in the summer of 2021 as a production assistant.

So what exactly does a production assistant do (you might be wondering)?

“I make the soap and body products that you love.”

Tamica started working at Farmer’s Body after meeting me at a house showing: “Meggan saw the soap that I make and asked if I had any interest in helping her with her body care products.”

Thank goodness for happy coincidences, right?! And what’s your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite product right now is the vegan lip balm. I’m vegetarian and like to use animal free products. This lip balm goes on smoothly and lasts well. Orange-clove and lavender smell divine.”

Meet Acadia

Acadia was the second to join the Farmer’s Body team in [season] 2019. As the operations assistant, Acadia helps out Jill.

Even my assistant needs an assistant!

“I do lots of things around the building like dishes, sweeping, boxing and labeling, inventory, etc. I do whatever is left over.”

Acadia became a part of the team after her mom helped out for about a month in 2019: “[My mom] said it would be a good part-time [job] for me! My family has known of Farmer’s Body for a while.”

And what’s your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite is probably the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter! That scent is one of my favorites, and I really enjoy the feel of the body butter.”

Meet Lindsey

Lindsey joined the Farmer’s Body team during the late spring/early summer of 2021 as a copywriter.

“I help Meggan write the email newsletters and edit/proofread anything she asks me to do, like product labels, etc.”

There’s just not enough time in the day for me to do all the things I want to do to grow my business without the extra help. Fortunately for me, Lindsey asked for a job without even realizing I had one for her.

“Meggan and I have known each other and been good friends since college. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and was an English teacher in my pre-mom life. I had recently started looking into ways to do some part-time work as a copywriter or editor and asked Meggan if she needed any help with editing or writing for her newsletter. I was actually just kind of giving her a hard time because I had noticed a few writing mistakes here and there, but then she offered me the job. I was both shocked and excited, and happily accepted my new position as copywriter for Farmer’s Body. I am so thrilled to be helping Meggan with her business, and I have already learned so much about soap making!”

And what’s your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“Honestly, I am happy to be a guinea pig for any of [your] products because they are all so great. The lip balm is probably my favorite right now. I keep one in my stroller so I can apply during walks with my kids and avoid any chance of chapped lips. I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already.”

Meet Andreina

Andreina joined the team in late spring of 2021 as the social media manager.

She helps keep the social media, like Facebook and Instagram, updated and interesting: “I help grow our social media presence, get more newsletter subscriptions, and also help with the sales. With social media, we can build a community of fans for Farmer’s Body, and we are the direct channel between the customer and Farmer's Body.”

I certainly couldn’t do this business successfully without a social media presence, and boy, does that take a lot of work! So how did Andreina become part of the team, you ask?

“I started working with Meggan's husband, and I was very impressed with the Farmer’s Body products, especially that they were all handmade from natural ingredients from an actual farm. So I wanted to be part of it too and help as much as I can.”

Andreina’s favorite product is the lip balm: “They are so refreshing and hydrating that my lips feel so soft after using them that I'm just obsessed with them.”

Thoughtfully produced & ethically crafted

We know your family's health and safety is super important to you. That's why all of our ingredients are carefully chosen, meticulously sourced and relentlessly scrutinized for your well-being. Farmer's Body is safe, eco-friendly, healthy and clean.

All of our products are free from phthalates, parabens, triclosan, MEA, DEA, aluminum, sodium laurel sulfate, PEG, BHT, and siloxanes.

We are proudly certified as a Vermont Green Business.