Townsend Honey Farm

Farmer LeeAnn Townsend


Townsend Honey Farm, which is located in Starke, Florida, began as a family hobby in 2008 and turned into a business venture a few years later. To this day, they remain a family-owned business and keep around 2,000 beehives. They not only have numerous bee yards throughout Florida, but they also transport beehives to a variety of areas in the state as different plants bloom to aid in honey production.

Townsend Honey Farm's beeswax is found in all of our Sugar Scrubs, Pink Grapefruit with Mint Leaves Lip Balm, Lavender with Wildflowers Lip Balm, Vermont Maple with Jersey Cream Lip Balm, Rose Passionfruit Lip Balm, and Orange with Clove Lip Balm.

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