Lavender Essentials

Farmer Michele Capron


Lavender Essentials was started four years ago by Michele and Pierre Capron. Their farm is located just two hours north of Farmer’s Body in Derby, Vermont. The Caprons sell all types of lavender, whether it’s raw, manufactured, or bottled. They create and bottle around 80% of the products that they sell in their gift shop, which is located on the farm. They also provide a variety of experiences for people, such as places to camp, weekly classes, and aromatherapy massages.

Lavender Essentials lavender is found in our Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap, Foaming Soap, Body Butter, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Lip Balm and Lavender Birch Deodorant.

Each of our products displays a unique batch number. Enter the number below to learn more about the sources we use and the small farmers that contributed: