Cedar Mountain Farm

Farmers Kerry Gawalt and Stephen Leslie


Cedar Mountain Farm is a small woman-owned business located in Hartland, Vermont, where they raise registered jersey, Holstein, and Ayrshire cows as well as grow 26 varieties of vegetables and herbs. All of their cows have names and eat a balanced diet of fresh grass, Poulin grain, and dry hay. A bedded pack barn with fresh sawdust houses the cows to keep them healthy and comfortable, and their manure is then used to fertilize the soil for the vegetable garden. They believe that land restoration and having a healthy farm system are dependent upon the health of their livestock.

Cedar Mountain Farm's tallow is found in our Rosemary Mint Bar Soap, Pink Grapefruit with Mint Leaves Bar Soap and Lip Balm, Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap and Lip Balm, Vermont Maple with Jersey Cream Bar Soap and Lip Balm, Oatmeal with Yogurt with Wild Honey Bar Soap, Frosted Peppermint with Orange Bar Soap, all Body Butters, all Hand & Body Lotions (except Gentle Citrus with Calendula Flowers), Rose Passionfruit Lip Balm, and Orange with Clove Lip Balm.


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