Birdseye Bee’s & Poultry

Farmer Stephanie Davis


Birdseye Bee’s and Poultry is a family-owned and woman-owned small business located in Brandon, Vermont. Stephanie Davis and her husband, Josh, started their adventure in 2018 with just two bee colonies. Now, three years later, they have over 100 beehives. They have several locations throughout Vermont where they harvest honey from their beehives.

Birdseye Bee’s & Poultry's honey is found in our Oatmeal with Yogurt with Wild Honey Bar Soap, Oatmeal with Yogurt with Wild Honey Foaming Soap, all Hand & Body Lotions, and all Sugar Scrubs.

Each of our products displays a unique batch number. Enter the number below to learn more about the sources we use and the small farmers that contributed: