Soaper’s Choice

Meghan Healy

Base oils, emulsifying wax, sodium lactate

Soaper’s Choice, which is located in Des Plaines, Illinois, is a family-owned and woman-owned small business that sells a variety of items used in skincare products, such as base oils, emulsifying wax, and cocoa butter.

They are a part of Columbus Vegetable Oils which allows them easy access to all of the ingredients needed for hand-crafted personal care products. Additionally, they have on-site labs that use AOCS and ASTM testing methods to ensure they sell only the highest quality products.

Soaper's Choice base oils, emulsifying wax, and sodium lactate are found in all of our Bar Soaps, all Foaming Soaps, all Hand & Body Lotions, all Sugar Scrubs, all Lip Balms, and all Deodorants.

Each of our products displays a unique batch number. Enter the number below to learn more about the sources we use and the small farmers that contributed: