SECONDS - Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap

SECONDS - Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap

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Slightly imperfect but perfectly good. :)

Get these bars for a fraction of the price of our regular bars - while supplies last.

Seconds are products that are totally useable but didn't meet our strict quality control for cosmetic or weight reasons. 

Some are shaped oddly, have a dent or a bubble, or maybe they were just short of our weight limit. Some may be "ends" of the slabs or bars that have simply been deemed too wonky for regular sale. 

Seconds bars come "naked" - without packaging.

No matter the imperfection ... they are all loveable and great for bubbly use! 

Please note: Seconds sales are final and are not eligible for return or refund. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Perfect Summery Scent

I loved the smell on this soap as it wasn't too strong and great for summer vibes. Will definitely be ordering again.

Yummy! Smells good enough to eat! I love using these bars!

Love the lather on these and the SCENT is beyond amazing.

Oatmeal, yogurt and honey bar soap

I love the fresh scent of this OYH soap.


Wonderful texture & makes my skin smooth but there could be more lavender scent. I barely smelled it.

Gentle Citrus Bar Soap

This soap smells so very good and it lathers nice, but does not dry out the skin. This is great with so many other soaps on the market that tends to dry out my skin.

Sampler Bar Soap Bundle

Wonderful value of wonderful fragrant bar soap. Some are irregular, but the use of the bars are top notch. I will purchase again!


SECONDS - Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap

Great deal!

Gorgeous soap and a steal of a discount! Bubbly and non-drying and smells like real lavender, not fake.

A mojito in my bath!

The smell of this rosemary mint reminds me of yummy summer lemonades with mint and of course, mojitos. It is just the feeling of sunshine I need in the doldrums of Winter!

Hug a tree!

Like a very needed walk in the woods to get back to nature, this soap is amazing. Thank you!

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