Today, January 31st 2023, is National Hot Chocolate Day! 

In honor of National Hot Chocolate Day, the Farmer’s Body team would like to share a little bit about their favorite ways to drink hot chocolate. 

My all-time favorite hot chocolate recipe is this one: https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/crockpot-hot-chocolate/

I love to add these marshmallows, which are handmade by a friend of Jill’s: https://www.munchasmarshmallows.com/. (pictured below👇)


Jill likes Ghirardelli hot cocoa in her favorite handmade watermelon mug👇 (made by Ryan Berman in 6th grade).

Tamica’s favorite way to drink hot cocoa is by a warm fire. 🔥

Hannah’s favorite way to drink hot chocolate is to add it to coffee and make a mocha. ☕️

Lindsey’s favorite hot chocolate is the organic hot cocoa pictured below👇 and her favorite way to drink it is on the couch after her kids go to bed (so she doesn’t have to share). 😂


What’s your favorite way to drink hot chocolate? (Leave a comment below.)

Speaking of chocolate . . . we have some exciting new products that we are about to launch with the luxurious ingredient cacao.

What is CACAO and how is it different from COCOA??

Love, love, love this question (just like I love hot chocolate) … click here to find out all about cacao!

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