Meet our team: Tamica

Meet our team: Tamica

The fourth installment of “Meet the Farmer’s Body team” is here! I know y’all have been waiting to see who is next. Without further ado … 

Meet Tamica: Production Assistant

Tamica joined the Farmer’s Body team in the summer of 2021 as a production assistant.

So what exactly does a production assistant do (you might be wondering)? 

“Meggan and I make the soap and body products that you love.”

Tamica started working at Farmer’s Body after meeting me at a house showing: “Meggan saw the soap that I make and asked if I had any interest in helping her with her body care products.”

Thank goodness for happy coincidences, right?! And what’s your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite product right now is the vegan lip balm. I’m vegetarian and like to use animal free products. This lip balm goes on smoothly and lasts well. Orange-clove and lavender smell divine.”

Good lip balm is a year-round need, especially in Vermont! Don’t wait too long — click here to get the vegan lip balm that is Tamica’s favorite.

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