Behind the scenes: Meet Jill

Behind the scenes: Meet Jill

Hi everyone :) If you’re reading this blog, then you might already be familiar with me (Meggan), the owner and founder of Farmer’s Body. You can pretty much find anything you’d want to know about me on the “Our Story” page of our website. But I can’t do this job alone. 

Because of the love and support from my wide-reaching and ever-growing Farmer’s Body family, my business has become so busy that I now have 5 amazing women helping me make Farmer’s Body a continued success. I am so proud to be working with such a talented and dedicated group of women.

First up, meet Jill: Operations Manager

Jill was the first to join the Farmer’s Body team in the Spring of 2019.

“Meggan and I met through our shared interest in fostering children. We actually shared a child! We transitioned a foster baby to her family and became fast friends. When her soap company began to grow and she needed help and I needed something to do and a little extra money, we partnered together and I became her first employee!”

I could not have continued to expand my company without Jill’s constant help!

“My job is to assist Meggan in daily operations, including everything from laundry, dishes, cleaning, organization, product inventory, capping, boxing, labeling, packaging, shipping, delivering (to post office, UPS, or local stores).”

Jill is the point person for Farmers Markets and craft fairs ⸺ packing, setting up, selling, repacking, unpacking and putting things away.

“I also help keep [Meggan] sane by bouncing around ideas for our studio space (furniture, decor, wall colors, etc) [and] carrying out those plans . . . I [also] help her process ideas for products (scents, colors, packaging etc). I even try them out in my bathtub. I help figure out shelving, storage, and rearrange product when we run out of space (often!). I also keep her healthy by bringing her lunches and making sure to add M&M’s to her regular shopping list!!”

What would I do without Jill??

Jill has a slew of favorite products, all in her favorite “flavor” pink grapefruit, including the foaming hand soap and bar soap. She also loves the citrus scent. 

However, when it all comes down to it, Jill said, “I can honestly say there isn’t a product I don’t like.”

Wow! Thanks Jill!

If you want to check out some of Jill’s favorites, click here!

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