Meet our team: Hannah

Meet our team: Hannah

We just can’t stop growing! This week you’ll meet the newest addition to the Farmer’s Body team, who is wearing a few different hats around the office.

Meet Hannah: Business Manager

Hannah just joined the team in August of 2022, and she will be helping me manage this amazing business.

So, Hannah, tell us a little more about what exactly you’ll be doing to help me at the soap studio.

“My main role will be managing our current wholesale and private label accounts, and reaching out to our customers to see how things are going. I am also going to be working on generating new clients. In addition [to that],  I will be working in the office doing some ordering [and] accounting, as well as being the Safety Officer.

Wow! You certainly have to be good at multitasking to fulfill all of those roles. What do you think prepared you for joining the Farmer’s Body team?

“Before coming to Farmer’s Body, I was a high [school] and middle school history teacher at a small, local Christian school. That is where I met Jill, who is the mom to some of my former students. It was through Jill that I heard about Farmer’s Body and this position. I have been really enjoying my new role!”

Being a teacher definitely requires a lot of multitasking, so I knew Hannah would fit right in. Can you tell our readers a little bit more about yourself?

“My husband and I moved to the Upper Valley 3 years ago and have fallen in love with the area. In my spare time, I loved to knit, cook, garden, and explore local shops (especially coffee!). We have one fur baby, a sweet cat who we rescued from a local shelter named Harley, and one reptile baby, a turtle named Digger, who is 21 years old (my husband got him as a gift for getting all A's & B's on his 1st grade report card)!”

What a sweet background story about your pet turtle! Sooooo . . . last but not least . . . what is your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite Farmer’s Body product so far is the sugar scrub. It is a simple and easy way to add a little bit of self-care and relaxation into my daily routine. My favorite scent is the grapefruit and mint.”

Our sugar scrubs are so great for helping your skin feel both refreshed and moisturized!

(Read more about that here.)

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