Who helped us design our new brand?

Who helped us design our new brand?

If you’ve been receiving our newsletters, have read our story on the website, or checked out the blog articles, you know the beautiful story behind our new logo and how my husband and I carefully crafted the name “Farmer’s Body.” Thoughtfulness, connection, intentionality – these are important words to me and important concepts to my business. That’s why, when I wanted to rebrand the Farmer’s Body logo, I found a small woman-owned company that could help me bring my vision to life – Pulp+Wire.

Pulp+Wire is a 100% female founded and owned, award-winning, branding and marketing agency. Pulp+Wire works with each client in a collaborative process to create a brand that communicates the heart of the company to the outside world.

So how did Pulp+Wire help me to re-brand Farmer’s Body?

Sara Rosario, on the Design Direction team of Pulp+Wire, provided us with her insight on the process:We started by getting to know Meggan, her brand and what gets her excited thinking about the future of Farmer's Body. We did this by crafting a comprehensive list of questions, allowing us to really get inside her head and discover what a successful rebrand means to her. Her responses help shape our vision and inspiration, which drives the entire creative process. We always want the client to feel like they own part of the creative process, so they can feel proud about the finished product. We're here to help realize the vision for their brand, bringing what's inside their head to life.

In the end, the final creative is an evolution of Meggan and Pulp+Wire's visioning, culminating in a memorable and succinct visual identity that captures the spirit of Farmer's Body. Lastly, another part of this success is ensuring the design works beyond 2D. We worked with print vendors to source boxes and labels that helped elevate the brand, while also keeping it accessible cost-wise.”

I asked Sara to tell our readers what her favorite Farmer’s Body product is and why, and here’s what she said: “I love all of the products, but especially love the bar soaps. I am a classic person when it comes to bath and body products. I love that the bar soaps smell delicious, all with safe and natural ingredients. Being a native New Englander, where many months of the year are spent with dry skin, Farmer's Body bar soaps feel amazing on my skin and never dry it out!”

Why is working with another woman-owned company so important to Pulp+Wire? “Working for a female-founded creative agency, it's an amazing feeling to be able to work with other woman-owned companies. It's one of the perks of being able to do something you love, for other women doing what they love. It sounds cheesy, but design is rooted in passion, so being able to harness that passion to help female small-business owners achieve their goals just feels good. Plus we get to meet truly awesome people and try amazing new products along the way!”

I am beyond thrilled with the final product and know that working with Pulp+Wire is the reason that the vision for the future of Farmer’s Body came to life. You can check out Pulp+Wire here. And, if you haven’t read the story behind the creation of our name or our new image, click here.

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