Meet our team: Cassie & Katelyn

Meet our team: Cassie & Katelyn

Farmer’s Body is growing so much, thanks to all of you, and since the soap studio can’t run itself (wouldn’t that be nice! LOL!), it’s time for ANOTHER installment of “Meet the Farmer’s Body team.” This week, you’ll get to meet our two newest team members.

Meet Cassie: Production Manager

As the Production Manager, Cassie helps me make all of the wonderful products that we carry.

And I know you’re wondering how Cassie found out about this fabulous opportunity.

“I met Meggan through the dental office. I was her main dental assistant, and when I hit my 2nd trimester in pregnancy, I decided I really wanted a new job opportunity where I could make being a first-time mom my number one priority. Meggan was more than happy to give me that opportunity.”

As a mom of 3(+), I know how hard it is to be a working mom, trying to do it all, and I knew Cassie would fit right in working with us at the soap studio. So, what is Cassie’s favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite product would have to be the vegan lip balm in the plum scent (plum is my favorite scent for all the products).”

Lip balm is truly a hit among this Farmer’s Body team! Don’t miss out – get yours today.

Meet Katelyn: The Ultimate Assistant

Katelyn does it all! She helps a little bit with everything, and most importantly, keeps the soap studio clean and organized.

“My job is to help with the general upkeep of the studio in order to keep the studio production ready. I help with tasks such as dishes, cleaning, checking inventory, keeping lip trays loaded, replenishing product packaging (keeping items stocked and ready to be filled), putting ingredient orders away, organization of the studio and any other odd jobs as they arise.”

I’m not sure what we did before Katelyn joined the team; she has certainly made everything a little easier on all of us. And interestingly, Katelyn connected with me through my work as a dentist, just like Cassie.

“I met Meggan a few years ago when our sons attended pre-school together and quickly became friends. Meggan was also the periodontist who performed the tongue tie release surgery on our son. Flash forward a couple years, and we ran into each other again, this time at my children’s pediatric dentist office. Meggan was filling in for their dentist that morning. I knew of Farmer’s Body and asked her if she had any work for a stay at home mother of 4 who couldn’t work normal hours. She said, yes! We met a few weeks later, and I began working for Farmer’s Body. I am grateful for the opportunity as well as a space where I can actually hear myself think."

We all need some quiet space to think, right?! Thank goodness Katelyn found hers at the Farmer’s Body soap studio. And what is Katelyn’s favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“Foaming hand soaps. With 4 kids, I wash my hands a lot!”

Our foaming hand soaps are such a great way to keep your hands clean AND moisturized. Click here to see our wide range of foaming hand soap scents.

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