Did you know you can make Special Requests? Yes, you can!

Did you know you can make Special Requests? Yes, you can!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to let you all know that we LOVE special requests.

Do you have a specific ingredient that you would like us to include?

Do you have an allergy to something that is included in our regular products?

Do you have a special event coming up where you would like to give Farmer’s Body products as gifts – holiday party, wedding favors, baby showers, or birthday parties?

Send us an email and we will make your dream come true!

Remember to plan ahead ... our bars of soap take a minimum of 4 weeks to be ready for their bubbliest use.

Additionally, we do have minimum purchase quantities for custom orders, but if you are researching and unsure of what you will or won’t need, please contact us! As a small handcrafter, we are always happy to see if we can accommodate your custom requests.

Here is what Jennifer L. said about ordering custom lip balms for her business: “I ordered these as giveaways for patients in my dental office and everyone loves them! I got a bunch of flavors to try and they are all fantastic. Now I have lip balms all over the place ... my purse, the car, my office, my bathroom. My son even carries one to preschool in his lunch bag. The custom labels are adorable too. Highly recommend!!”

Don’t hesitate – email us today for whatever special requests you might have … custom requests aren’t just limited to lip balms!

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