Try the Farmer’s Body’s Hand and Foot Care Routine

Try the Farmer’s Body’s Hand and Foot Care Routine

When we talk about skincare, we sometimes forget about two really important areas of the body: the hands and the feet. These areas are often at risk of becoming dry and cracked, especially during the winter months, and nobody wants to deal with those problems.

Here’s an easy routine you can follow when it comes to taking care of your hands and feet. 

  1. Soak your hands and feet in Epsom salts. Epsom salts are great for treating your hands and feet because they soften and slough away dry skin and dead skin cells. Soaking in Epsom salts will help eliminate dry patches and leave you with soft, healthy skin on your hands and feet. 

First, we suggest filling your tub or a separate container with warm water and adding a cup or two of Epsom salts. Once your Epsom salts are added and dissolved, sit back and enjoy soaking your hands and feet in the solution. This step (if done correctly) should make you feel like you’re relaxing at a spa, which is something everyone needs a little more of in their lives. Finish off this process with a nice rinse and you’re all set for the next step. 

  1. Apply Farmer’s Body sugar scrub. Once you’re done with your Epsom salts soak, it’s time to follow up with even more exfoliation to tackle any remaining dry skin. We recommend using our very own sugar scrub to get the job done. 

Simply apply the sugar scrub to your hands and feet, rub it in, and rinse. Since our sugar scrubs are filled with skin-loving ingredients like olive oil infused with calendula flower and shea butter, your hands and feet will be left feeling buttery smooth without any greasy residue. 

  1. Apply Farmer’s Body body butter. After you finish exfoliating your hands and feet, it’s important to follow up with a thick lotion or body butter to hydrate your skin and seal in the moisture. We suggest applying a generous amount of our luxurious body butter to your hands and feet, paying special attention to the areas that need extra moisture. With ingredients like Vitamin E and locally-sourced tallow, our body butters are sure to give your hands and feet that extra boost of moisture that they so desperately need.  
  1. Sleep with gloves and socks on. We know it sounds a little crazy, but trust us on this one. If you sleep with gloves and socks on after completing your hand and foot care routine, you’re really locking in the moisture and giving it a chance to soak in overnight. When you wake up, your hands and feet will be softer than ever before. 
P.S. Make sure to apply a moisturizing lotion (like ours) throughout the day to your hands and feet as needed! It’s especially important first thing in the morning.

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