Oh Hey, Honey!

Oh Hey, Honey!

I started to write that I don't actually call anyone "honey" in real life, but as I was writing, I realized I use that phrase all the time 🍯

...but I reserve it for kids and babies and apparently now for you too :)

Honey is our topic today because I'm going to introduce you to our newest honey supplier: Stephanie Davis.

Stephanie is the beekeeper and owner of Birdseye Bees & Poultry, LLC., and is our latest woman farmer (ahem...beekeeper) to help to make our locally sourced and handmade products so luxurious and unique.

I asked Stephanie to tell us a little bit about herself and her business, and here's what she had to say:

"I [was] born and raised here in Vermont. I became a beekeeper when my husband went to help my father with his apiary. Little did I know [that] my husband, Joshua Davis, was taking this time to ask my father for my hand. Ever since then, three years ago, we have had one of our apiaries in our front yard. We currently have over three apiaries and over forty beehives within Rutland County. "

Interesting fact: All worker bees are female bees. These worker bees are the daughters of the queen bee, which technically means they are all sisters.

Do you know what else Stephanie told me? This is so interesting! She told me that the worker bees (or sister bees) huddle around the queen bee to survive the winter. Where are all the male bees, you might ask? Stephanie said that while each beehive does have male bees, called drone bees, these bees are only in the hive for breeding purposes and to pass their genetics onto the hive.

So what happens to all those drone bees in the winter?

They get booted out! Yep, you heard me - the male bees get booted out and left to die so the worker bees can protect the queen and keep her warm until the spring. Yikes!

Currently, you can find Stephanie's honey in our Oatmeal, Milk and Honey bar soap and in our lotions.

We have plans in the works for more products featuring honey from Birdseye Bees and Poultry coming soon! 

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