Peppermint Orange Foot and Leg Butter

Peppermint Orange Foot and Leg Butter

If your feet are anything like mine, they need a little extra love … ALL. THE. TIME. Whether you are on your feet all day long or sitting at your desk, your feet deserve the same love and care that you give to the rest of your skin. That’s why I created the Sweet Feet Peppermint Orange Foot and Leg Butter

I know what you’re thinking . . . Why peppermint? Why orange? What makes those essential oils so special and beneficial to my feet and legs?

As always, my smart and loyal friends, you ask the best questions...and you know I don't choose ingredients just willy-nilly!

Peppermint has so many fabulous qualities that benefit our tired feet and legs. The peppermint plant, which has menthol, is a natural coolant so it soothes irritation, inflammation, and relieves achy muscles. Smelling peppermint can also activate the sensors in our brains that put us to sleep AND wake us up, which is why it’s a great choice for night AND morning routines. Peppermint can also be energizing, so if you need a midday pick me up (like I sometimes do), take some body butter with you to rub on your feet or legs when you feel that midday slump settling in.

Orange essential oils have many of the same benefits as peppermint. Orange essential oils are said to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and short-term pain. Both peppermint and orange essential oils are said to be antimicrobial as well.

But did you know that our Peppermint Orange Foot and Leg Butter also contains tamanu oil?

Tamanu oil not only helps the moisture from the body butter soak into your skin, it also provides anti-aging appearances to your skin. AND it has an even bigger benefit — it can help skin feel renewed and smooth and is soothing to wounds. What could be better for your hard-working feet and legs?!

Don’t waste any more time! Grab a container of our Peppermint Orange Foot and Leg Butter today … your feet (and legs) will thank you for it later!

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