National Sleep Awareness Week is Almost Here!

National Sleep Awareness Week is Almost Here!

Did you know that National Sleep Awareness Week is right around the corner?

The week of March 12th through March 18th will be the 25th anniversary of this annual campaign.

The National Sleep Foundation began this campaign as a way to remind people to focus on ways to improve their sleep patterns and recognize how their sleeping habits affect their overall mental health.

Interestingly, Sleep Awareness Week begins the day we all lose an hour of sleep (except for those living in Arizona because they don’t fall back or spring forward).  That’s right, it’s almost spring forward time. In the wee hours of the morning on March 12th, the clocks on our phones will *magically* move forward an hour, thus taking an hour of sleep away from all of us. 

Remember (not too long ago) when we used to have to actually change the time on our clocks BEFORE we went to sleep on Saturday so that we wouldn’t wake up on Sunday and realize that we were already an hour late for something?!  Now most of us sleep near our phones and wake up with the new time already on the screen. Pretty wild how quickly things change, huh?!

Around here at Farmer’s Body, we also love sleep – some of us more than others (ahem, Lindsey) – and want you to get your best sleep!

But Meggan, how can bodycare products help me sleep?

Oh boy, do I have some great news for you guys! We have a BRAND NEW Sweet Dreams Bedtime Gift Set that will lull you to sleep with the weight of the luxurious eye pillow and the aromatherapy from the body butter and lip balm. One of the options is our lavender with wildflowers scent, which will add an extra sleep benefit as lavender contains plant components that help relieve anxiety and stress as well as increase sedation.

AND we have another NEW GIFT SET – Relax and Restore Bath-time Gift Set – that would be an excellent way to relax your body and mind before crawling into bed. This gift set includes our soaking bath salts, which will relax your muscles as well as calm your mind, silky sugar scrub to remove dry, dead skin cells, a natural bamboo pouf with our bar soap to gently cleanse your skin, moisturizing hand & body lotion to nourish your skin after your bath, and a luxurious eye pillow to help you fall asleep after this amazingly restorative bath.

We are so excited to share these new gift sets with all of you!

Plus, you have plenty of time to order one for yourself (or someone else), and it’ll arrive just in time to help you celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week.

Let’s all embrace the many benefits of sleep for *at least* one whole week! (I know Lindsey will be. 😉)

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