Billings Farm & Museum Gift Shop

Billings Farm & Museum Gift Shop

We are very excited to announce that our products will be sold at the Billings Farm & Museum Gift Shop in Woodstock, Vermont.

The Billings Farm & Museum was “established in 1983 as a way to preserve the historic Billings Farm as well as the character and heritage of rural Vermont.” Today, the Woodstock Foundation, Inc.,  a nonprofit institution, owns and operates the farm and museum.

The Billings Farm first began operating as a Jersey dairy farm in the 1870s. Frederick Billings bought the land in 1869, and then began importing Jersey cattle directly from the Isle of Jersey in 1871. He was the first farmer in Vermont to do this (which I imagine was a wee bit tricky at THAT time as the Isle of Jersey is located in the English Channel off of the coast of France).

So why would Frederick Billings import cattle from the Isle of Jersey?

Jersey milk is high in butterfat, has a greater nutritional value, produces the highest yield (of milk), and is more efficiently processed into cheese. 

“With the Jersey, we have an animal that is smaller, uses fewer natural resources and produces a smaller carbon footprint. We have a cow with a longer productive life that produces a more nutrient-rich milk that consumers are demanding and are willing to pay for.” James Ahlem, past-President, National All-Jersey Inc.

You can still visit Jersey cows on the farm today, along with draft horses, steers and oxen, sheep, goats, and chickens. They have tons of information about their animals on their website; you can also check out lots of beautiful pictures of the animals! The Billings Farm & Museum website also has detailed information about their dairy farm, artisan cheese, farm exhibits, adult and children programs, sunflower and farmstead garden, the 1890 farm manager’s house, and the visitor center theater.


There is a calendar of events here, but they are closed for the month of March and will reopen on April 3rd. The spring hours are 10am to 4pm, and the cost ranges from free for members (and children under 3) to $17 for adults (ages 16-61). There are discounted prices available for seniors, students, children, military, AAA card holders, and educators. Check out more information about hours and admission here.

The Billings Farm & Museum is truly a gem, and you will not be disappointed if you visit. Plus, you can check out our Farmer's Body products in the gift shop before you leave!

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