SECONDS-Garden Scrub Bar Soap

SECONDS-Garden Scrub Bar Soap

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Slightly imperfect but perfectly good. :)

Get these bars for a fraction of the price of our regular bars - while supplies last.

Seconds are products that are totally useable but didn't meet our strict quality control for cosmetic or weight reasons. 

Some are shaped oddly, have a dent or a bubble, or maybe they were just short of our weight limit. Some may be "ends" of the slabs or bars that have simply been deemed too wonky for regular sale. 

Seconds bars come "naked" - without packaging.

No matter the imperfection ... they are all loveable and great for bubbly use! 

Please note: Seconds sales are final and are not eligible for return or refund. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Seconds Pure & Simple Soapbar

This bar is unscented which is good for people that have allergies. It lathers up easily and rinses clean.

cocktail hour

smells nice and even the teenager approves!

Vera Z.

The packaging is a bit confusing, Not sure if I got the correct amount of the seconds they are good but I ordered more than 1 item each. They are just place in a bag and not stated which items they are so I think I got shorted for the amount.

Hello! Thanks for the heads up- please reach out to us by email at and we will help make it right- please send us a photo of what you received. We'll check and see if there was a mistake in packing your order. Seconds products are offered 'naked' meaning there is no packaging- this is part of how we are able to offer them at a significantly discounted price point.

Our apologies! Thanks!

Update: looks like the order was correct! Phew!

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