Where Do We Get Our Locally Sourced Tallow?

Where Do We Get Our Locally Sourced Tallow?

In our previous newsletter about tallow, we talked about why we use tallow in our products and why it is so wonderful for our skin. So where do we get this magical tallow?
We use beef tallow from Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland, Vermont. Cedar Mountain Farm is owned and operated by an amazing (and very busy!) woman farmer, Kerry Gawalt, and her husband, Stephen Leslie. They not only use sustainable and environmentally conscious farming methods, but they also use regenerative agriculture, which greatly benefits the land, the animals, and the environment as a whole. They are truly leaders in how to employ more holistic farming practices.

The cows and other animals that Kerry and Stephen (pictured above) raise are loved and named. They graze on fresh grass, are fed a well-balanced diet, and are housed in a bedded pack barn with fresh sawdust. These cows are humanely raised.

On the farm, Kerry and Stephen don’t use any electric machines – only old-fashioned horse-drawn farm implements – so that they can avoid introducing pollutants from emissions into the fields. The manure from the cows is used as compost for their no dig garden – an all-natural way to fertilize the fields. 

We can't sing our praises loud enough for Cedar Mountain Farm and all of the amazing things they are doing. To learn more about Cedar Mountain Farm, their wonderful animals, and their farming practices, click here 

And while we do think the tallow that we use in our products is an important, sustainable ingredient for those who aren’t vegan, we also understand that some people prefer to avoid animal products altogether, which is why we do offer many body care products that are vegan (no tallow, beeswax, honey, or dairy).

(Also, just in case you missed the previous newsletter describing the many benefits of tallow, click here.) 

Tallow from Cedar Mountain Farm can be found in the following Farmer's Body Products (pictured above): Lip Balms, Bar Soaps, Hand & Body Lotions, and Body Butters.

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