New Conditioner Bars!

New Conditioner Bars!

Introducing our Revolutionary Solid Conditioner Bar!

Our bar is the perfect union of nature and luxury, containing zero synthetic ingredients and omitting all traces of palm and petroleum derived ingredients for an eco-friendly choice. (Not sure why palm and petroleum ingredients are bad for you and the environment? Click here  and here to read more about that.)
Exquisitely crafted with luxurious babassu and kokum butters, as well as nourishing baobab oil and active ingredients such as panthenol and hydrolyzed quinoa, our bar leaves hair silky smooth and healthy while protecting it from damage.
Enjoy a truly natural and sustainable hair cleansing experience that's good for both you and the planet! Try our solid conditioner bar today and feel the difference!
You can even try one of our new COMBOS and SAVE $3 -- your choice of either the Marilyn or Shirley Shampoo Bar with our new Conditioner Bar!

(DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wet the conditioner bar and slide it along the mid-length and ends of your hair. Work the conditioner through your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Leave it in for a couple of minutes to work its magic! Rinse.)

**Our solid conditioner bar is very concentrated and will last for months. Allow it to fully dry between uses to ensure it lasts as long as possible.**

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