The (soap) Dish

The (soap) Dish

Are you ready to talk about  soap dishes again?

I’m sure you remember that article a few weeks ago about how to care for your Farmer’s Body handcrafted soap, right?! The perfect soap dish will drain water away from the soap, which will help each bar of our luxurious soap last even longer. 

But where do I get these amazing soap dishes? I don’t see any on the Farmer’s Body website.

You are so very observant and absolutely correct. I don’t make or sell soap dishes at this time; however, I do have some fabulous recommendations for soap dishes from other small businesses across the country. ( PS-I'm not affiliated with any of these companies and I do not earn any commission or freebies or anything else from showcasing them.)

Dish 1: 

I love this zero waste beech wood soap dish that is handmade and sold by Brooklyn Made Natural, a company owned by two sisters. It’s all natural and drains water effectively away from any bar of soap. It’s also a great price - $8 for one and $15 for two. 


According to Mel at Brooklyn Made Natural, all of their wood soap dishes are handmade by their production partner who sources the lumber from the U.S. and abroad. She confirmed that much of the lumber is sustainably sourced, especially the beech wood soap dishes because they are sourced in the U.S. Grab these soap dishes- they are on sale now ($12.75 for 2) at their Etsy shop.

Dish 2:

I also love this cedar wood soap dish handmade by MooseMTN Woodworks. The owner, Cody Smith, says MooseMTN Woodworks is a young family business that began to sell these soap dishes on their Etsy shop in January of 2020. He said, “We are a small fabrication shop with a focus on quality, consistency, and reduced usage of chemicals and unnecessary packaging . . . We pride ourselves on applying innovative production materials to a small-scale shop.”

Cody went on to say that he is dedicated to building handmade products, even when they are in their busy season and producing more than 300 dishes a week, so he “built woodworking machines [himself] in an effort to create more specific tools that performed more functions with less effort and greater safety.”

Check out this beautiful and inexpensive soap dish at their Etsy shop.

But wood doesn’t really go with my decor. Are there other soap dishes I could buy instead? 

Dish 3:

Yes! This beautiful pottery soap dish from Farmhouse Pottery is made in Woodstock, Vermont, which is just a short (less than 20 minute) drive north of Hartland (where I make all my luxurious soaps). 

According to Anni Lee, who is the Digital Content and PR Lead for Farmhouse Pottery, their “pottery is handmade by [their] master potters in Woodstock, VT with [their] American mined clay.” They have two pottery soap dishes to choose from, including this lovely one:

You can buy their soap dishes here at their website.

Dish 4:

But maybe your style is a little more modern, like these hand poured concrete soap dishes. These beautiful soap dishes are made in Grand Haven, Michigan by Cedar & Stone Garden, a family-owned small business that has been creating concrete designs for over 25 years. 

You can find these on Etsy or order them directly from their website.

Dish 5:

Or how about something more playful? Check out these eco-friendly soap lifters available in many colors and even some fun shapes!

These would be adorable in the kids' bathroom! 

Is there something that I can use when the soap gets almost too small to use on a soap dish? 

Dish 6:

Excellent question! Yes, there are soap saver bags! I found this lovely crocheted soap bag from Sam’s Crochet on Etsy. These unique bags are made from 100% USA grown cotton and are handmade with a color of your choice in Dallas, Oregon. Soap bags are so great because you can put your soap scraps in the bag and use every last bit of soap without wasting it! 


These soap saver bags are such a great price at $5 each and are available at Sam’s Crochet shop on Etsy.

You can’t go wrong with any of these soap dishes. They are made in the USA by small businesses (just like me), and many of them are women-owned.

So remember, after you buy one of our Limited Edition Good Clean Fun-Gi bars of soap, make sure you have a soap dish that will help keep the soap around even longer! 

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