Shampoo Bars are Here!

Shampoo Bars are Here!

I am so excited to share with you our newest product ...


These shampoo bars have been a long time coming ... and of course, there’s a story behind their creation. 😉

My maternal grandma turned 99 years old at the beginning of June. (Can you even imagine living for 99 years?!) In the fall of last year, she asked me to make shampoo bars for Farmer’s Body. I'd been working on shampoo bars for a while (I get A LOT of requests for them), but I wasn't happy with any of the formulations. BUT I knew I would make it happen for her. And I had a solid goal in mind - get them ready to sell by her 99th birthday. 

So, here we are, a final product I'm in love with and we are ready to release these amazing, luxurious shampoo bars for all of you to try!

We have two shampoo bars for you - an everyday gentle, effective clean (pink bar) and a detox bar for a deeper clean (black bar).

And in honor of my two extraordinary, beautiful grandmothers, the shampoo bars are named: Marilyn and Shirley.

Marilyn, my maternal grandma and the one who requested these shampoo bars, was always known as the “spiky-haired grandma” when we were little (see pic above for her current spiky hair 🙂).

Shirley, my paternal grandma, is the one who made the beloved quilt that inspired our new logo (read more about that here).

Both of my grandmothers have had a huge impact on my life and on my company, and I am thrilled that I get to honor them by naming these fabulous shampoo bars after them.

These all-natural shampoo bars are the ultimate solution for luscious, healthy hair. They are formulated with the utmost care and are enriched with nourishing kelp and calendula (from women farmers!).

The ocean ingredients, like kelp, are another way to honor, my grandmother, Marilyn’s legacy. When I was a child, my sister and I would visit her in Oregon, and we would poke sea anemones on the beach. This memory of my childhood inspired the inclusion of a woman-owned kelp farm - a sustainable resource with fabulous haircare qualities that would remind me of these beautiful beach memories while also providing our shampoo bars with nourishing ingredients for healthy hair. 

Sea kelp contains vitamins A and E, which help prevent dry, itchy scalps and repair damaged hair follicles, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which add moisture and shine to your hair.

Our Marilyn Bar, which is formulated for everyday use, cleanses your hair and scalp gently and effectively using natural cleansing agents that will leave your hair feeling refreshed, revitalized, and beautifully radiant. 

Our Shirley Detox Bar is intended for those who have oily hair or for an occasional deeper clean for those with normal or dry hair.

To use either bar, you will gently rub the bar on your wet scalp and use your fingers to lather and spread the suds around your hair. Repeat on the underside of your hair and then rinse thoroughly. Because our shampoo bars are so concentrated, they will last you for months if stored properly – allow them to dry completely between uses.

Click here to try out our new shampoo bars. And happy hair washing!

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