Hey mom, what's your favorite Farmer's Body product?

Hey mom, what's your favorite Farmer's Body product?

My mom loves the Pink Grapefruit hand & body lotion. She's even keeping it old school with our previous bottle shape and logo! Thanks for always supporting me, mom!

Cassie's mom couldn't pick just one Farmer's Body product that she loves. She loves the smell of the Frosted Peppermint with Dried Orange - whether it's the body butter or the sugar scrub. Lucky for her, you can now buy them as a set!
She also loves our natural deodorant in the Vanilla with Bergamot & White Amber scent. (which just so happens to have 15 five star reviews!🤩)
Jill's mom also had a difficult time picking just one product because she really loves the different seasonal scents that we offer.
She really loved our winter seasonal scent from this past year, Snow Covered Spruce in both the hand & body lotion and foaming hand soap.
Unfortunately we are all out of our Snow Covered Spruce now, but you can certainly try our new Spring Seasonal scents!
Lindsey's mom also loves our foaming hand soap. She prefers our fresh Rosemary Mint scent.
Our other moms were a little camera shy but still wanted to share their favorite products with you.
Hannah's mom loves the Frosted Peppermint with Dried Orange sugar scrub and the Gentle Citrus with Calendula foaming hand soap.
Katelyn's mom also loves the Gentle Citrus with Calendula foaming hand soap, as well as the Gentle Citrus hand & body lotion. She really loves the bar soap and the Mulled Apple Cider hand & body lotion (which was also a winter seasonal scent for 2022). 
Last but not least, Andreina's mom loves the hand & body lotion in any scent.
We hope our mom's favorites will help you find a product or scent that your mom will enjoy too!

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