NEW Sustainable Collections!

NEW Sustainable Collections!

Let your eco-friendly lifestyle shine with our NEW, sophisticated sustainable collections that will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Our Sustainable Essentials Refill Gift Set is the perfect choice for the eco-conscious shopper. Crafted with both style and sustainability in mind, this set contains a foaming glass jar, a lotion glass jar, and a hand-crafted ceramic tray.

The Sustainable Essentials Refill Gift Set set comes unfilled so you can fill them with one of our foaming hand soap refills and one of our lotions or use your own! 

(All materials used in the handcrafted trays are lead-free and non-toxic; glazes used are from US based manufacturers.)

Our Refill & Reuse Foaming Set comes with our glass dispenser and a foaming hand soap refill - 4 refills for every pouch! Our eco-friendly set gives you more suds for your money and is sure to take your hand-washing routine to the next level of fabulousness! 

Say goodbye to single-use soaps with this set!

Our Sink-Side Tray is handcrafted in creamy white and is the perfect addition to your sink space. Its artisanal craftsmanship features delicate flowers embossed into the ceramic tray. This beautiful piece was crafted exclusively for Farmer's Body. Its versatile design makes it ideal for holding all of your soap and lotion.

Our Sink-Side Tray also pairs beautifully with our glass re-fillable foaming soap and lotion dispensers or with our regular bottles!


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