More Women-Owned Businesses We Love!

More Women-Owned Businesses We Love!

We’re back with a few more of our favorite women-owned businesses! Check these out - you won’t be disappointed.


Modern Marigold

Modern Marigold began more than a decade ago, during founder Mary Wood’s senior year in college, as a way to earn money on the side. It has grown over the years to become a flourishing handmade jewelry and gift business, utilizing the highest quality materials and incorporating designs that you (or the gift recipient) will cherish forever. There are so many options to explore on their website, but you can check out their newest arrivals here:


MW Calligraphy

Marika Wendelken, owner and founder of MW Calligraphy, has been in love with lettering since she was a little girl who created fanciful letters for her school work. Now, she creates beautiful pieces of art for her clients – custom chalk designs, keepsake canvases, business signage, and more. She lives and works in North Carolina, but you can always contact her at the link below if you don’t live in the area and would still like to work with her:


Neely and Chloe

Neely and Chloe Burch began their accessories line with the consumer in mind - to create classic, timeless pieces that could be used season after season. All of their products are created with the highest quality leather from Spain and Portugal. Check out their luxurious accessories here:


Poppy Bee Surfaces

According to their website, owners Joe and Clare “create beautiful, handmade rollable photography backdrops, perfect for food or product shoots, at a price that won't break your budget.” Besides selling these amazing backdrops, they are also passionate about helping their customers take their photography to the next level by providing informative blog posts, behind-the-scenes Instagram reels, and in-person photography workshops. Check out their beautiful backdrops and other offerings here:


Rifle Paper Co.

Anna Bond and her husband began Rifle Paper Co. in 2009. From the website: “Anna’s hand-painted illustrations and distinctive color palette are the heart of Rifle Paper Co. Beginning when designing her own wedding invitation and invitations for friends, her love for illustrating stationery turned into the idea to start a brand with a look unlike any other in the market.” They have expanded their business to include more than just stationery; they now offer home items, accessories, and apparel (including these really cute shoes!). Check out all of their absolutely gorgeous offerings here:


Sleeves in a Bag

Sleeves in a Bag was launched in 2015 by Joanne Litz, co-founder and main designer of the sustainable fashion brand Steel Pony. You will never be cold with these handy sleeves in a bag, which can easily fit inside your purse and travel with you anywhere. The sleeves come in black and white as well as a special color of the month:


Stella Chroma

This nail polish company was started by Pam Rodgers after discovering that other people were making their own nail polish, and she decided she could make her own fabulous, cruelty-free, carcinogen-free long-lasting nail polish. Check out this amazing nail polish:


Two Hives Honey

After working for the CIA for 10 years, Tara Dawn Chapman left the government world to pursue her passion of becoming a beekeeper. She now owns her own Honey Ranch, east of Austin, Texas where you can find her taking care of her bees, teaching beekeeping classes, and creating fabulous products with the honey and beeswax from her bees. Two Hives also hosts tours, tastings, and events at the Honey Ranch. If you’re in the Austin area, you don’t want to miss out on this piece of honey heaven:


We hope that you love these women-owned businesses as much as we do!

Women supporting other women is something we take very seriously at Farmer's Body. 

Read more here about the many women-owned farms and businesses that we partner with to create our products!

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