Have we met?

Have we met?

Hello! Have we met? If not, nice to e-meet you:) My name is Meggan. Yes, two g's- blame my parents. I'm the main body behind Farmer's Body. I live in a cohousing community in Vermont with my husband and 3-6 kids. 


You: Meggan, how do you have a variable number of children?

Me: Good question!

We have 3 biological children and as a foster family, we help to support kids in our community who need a home for a while. Cobb Hill makes a great playground for children, and we are happy to open our hearts to share.  

I grew up on the front range in Colorado, and am now proud to call rural Vermont home. Our family spent time living all across the country remodeling our homes (gotta love Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper), searching for just the right lifestyle and found it at our little co-housing village in Vermont.

Living my passion

I work part-time as a periodontist at a local non-profit dental office where I specialize in gum surgery and especially enjoy treating infants who have feeding difficulties. I am also a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), so this combo of surgeon plus lactation consultant works well! While I love serving the families who come to us, I also can't wait to slip on my apron or lab coat and sneak out to my studio where I live out my dream and my passion for researching ingredients, developing and creating the products for Farmer's Body. 


Of course, I can't do this all alone. Way too many hats to wear all by myself. I am so fortunate to be surrounded everywhere (at home, at Cobb Hill, at the dental office and at Farmer's Body) by other strong, joyful women who help put all these pieces in place and keep them all going. We love supporting other women!

Meet Jill!

Jill Renninger is my right hand gal and Farmer's Body Operations Manager. Her family is also a foster family so she too has a variable number of children! 

Her favorite part about working for Farmer's Body is delivering an order to a retail store and asking the customer service rep where she should put the Farmer's Body. 

We hope this helps you get to know us a bit better! We love what we do and love to share it. We hope you can feel our joy in every product!


  • Brandy

    Hey Meggan, I love this intro to you and the brand you created! I really love that you foster children as well. Can’t wait for more posts!

  • Angie

    I love that you are a foster family. What an incredible and challenging role to take on! Thanks for giving us a peek into your world!

  • Laura

    I love this. Go Meggan!

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