...but don't lick the spoon

...but don't lick the spoon

Do you love to use olive oil when you’re cooking?

Me too!

Did you know olive oil is also a phenomenal moisturizer, which is why it is a star ingredient in our bar soap, foaming soap, lotion, body butter, sugar scrub and lip balm! 

Tamica (one of our team members you'll meet later) always says she just wants to lick this aromatic olive oil whenever she measures it out (of course, she doesn't since we strictly follow good manufacturing practices which prohibits licking the spoons;). But you can't blame her for wanting to! It is such a *gorgeous* product, just by itself!

Olive oil has been harvested for thousands of years for all kinds of uses, including skincare.

The olive oil in Farmer’s Body products comes from a small, woman-owned olive oil farm in northern California.

And fall happens to be olive harvesting time, so it’s the perfect opportunity to...

Meet our next farmer in the spotlight: Kathryn Tomajan, owner of Fat Gold.


Kathryn, who has a masters in food culture from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, has become an expert in growing and harvesting olives to procure the finest olive oil, not only for her own company but also other olive oil companies. (https://fat.gold/about)

Fat Gold is on a “mission to de-commodify extra virgin olive oil and elevate its place in American food culture.” (https://fat.gold/about)

Wow, right?! Who wouldn’t want to work with a company with a goal like that?! So how does Kathryn feel about working with Farmer’s Body?

“I was actually quite excited to partner with Meggan because I do know olive oil is used extensively in cosmetics, skincare, and soaps so it’s really nice to be able to connect with artisans who are making products like that. And if there is [an] opportunity to collaborate, all the better.”

If you read the newsletter article on tallow, you already know that I am a huge fan of using the parts of products that are normally wasted or not able to be used by the farmer in a traditional manner. So what part of the olive oil do we get from Kathryn?


“The majority of our product goes into the food supply chain … we’re selling olive oil for cooking and for enjoying at the table. But the truth is, we always have a small amount of olive oil that we can’t put through that channel because maybe there is some sediment in it or for other reasons. We always have just a little bit of byproduct, which is, of course, still edible, but we can’t actually bottle it because [of] sediment or [there is no] outlet for it. It is just really the perfect thing to funnel into skincare because it still has so many nutrients that are great for the skin. It is a really nice partnership for us.”

We are so glad that we get to utilize the olive oil that no one else does! So what is Kathryn’s favorite part of working in the olive oil industry?


“Someone just recently exclaimed, ‘Kathryn, you are such an olive oil geek’ … and I cannot deny it. I am a true olive oil geek. I love olive oil, the products . . . I love the simplicity of it as well as the millennia of history around olive oil and making olive oil. And doing it here in California is really special to me because it’s where I live — it’s my home. And I love to cook, [especially] with olive oil, and to be able to make it, I feel very privileged to be able to do so. It is definitely an adventure. I am really super pleased to be working with Meggan and other women-owned business[es] … making something for people to enjoy.”

You can read more about Kathryn and Fat Gold at their website: https://fat.gold/. And you can enjoy the Fat Gold olive oil in almost every one of Farmer’s Body products!


Photos from (https://www.harvestqueen.co/harvest-queens-main/kathryn-tomajan-fat-gold-olive-oil)

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  • karen keane

    Hey Meggan, your stories about sourcing with women-owned companies (locally when possible) is great…inspiring…LOVE your PAS soap and the other body-care products. Keep up the great work! The blog is fun…

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