Are you loving the new Farmer's Body product photos as much as we are?

Are you loving the new Farmer's Body product photos as much as we are?

Meet Clare!

What do delicious food, farm fresh ingredients, and flowers all have in common? (Besides the letter F and being an integral part of our Farmer’s Body products?!?!)  You’ll find all of these things in our newest product photos, taken by photographer Clare Barboza.
Clare is a food photographer who generally works with restaurants and markets around the country, helping them tell the story of their socially responsible food brands.
And how did Clare, a food photographer, find Farmer’s Body, you might be wondering?
She didn’t – I found her! Thank goodness for Instagram:  “Meggan found me through Instagram and reached out. We began a conversation about the look and feel she wanted for her upcoming photography and the rest was history. I had a blast with this photo shoot because I had a lot of creative freedom and I got to play around with such wonderful products!”
Clare is just a few towns away from Farmer's Body, so we were excited to find someone local for photography. She did all of the product and lifestyle photos for our newly updated website.
And aren’t they just amazing?!
“I am normally a food photographer so this was a welcome change from my usual subject; although I approached it very similarly to a food shoot.”
Clare said her favorite Farmer’s Body products are the bar soaps: “All of the scents are heavenly.”
Check out all of our Farmer’s Body bar soaps here and Clare’s photography here.
P.S. - Clare and her husband also make the most gorgeous photo backgrounds you've ever seen. Check those out here!

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