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Never got it

Never did receive it. I just ordered again hopefully I will get this shipment

Haven’t got my order yet! Kind of hard to give a review in three days when it’s not in route yet.

Same as above!!

I haven’t received it yet

Soooo creamy and decadent!

Love this butter- feels very lux and high end. Rich and creamy. Makes my skin feel completely pampered.

Delicious scent, soothing balm

Love this scent! Sweet and delicious. Great, smooth balm for my chapped lips.


This stuff is amazing! Not only do I love it, but my 18 year old son uses it and it works great, smells great! Highly recommend it!!

Great deal!

Gorgeous soap and a steal of a discount! Bubbly and non-drying and smells like real lavender, not fake.

Love this lotion!

The Oatmeal lotion is one of my absolute favorites for my hands and body. I love the light, clean smell. It's a comforting smell and not overwhelming at all. I have one sitting on my desk so that I can use it periodically throughout the day as I'm working. I love that when it soaks into my hands, it is not greasy, and I can continue working without worrying about getting lotion all over my computer/keyboard. I also use it on my body after I take a shower (except for my legs - body butter for that!); I like it because it's moisturizing but has a lightweight feel. I have completely switched over to using Farmer's Body lotions and body butters almost exclusively because they are such amazing products!

I absolutely love it!

I was given a Farmer’s Body Covered Spruce foaming soap and lotion as a gift. At first my husband and I joked how awful it would be to smell like a Christmas tree. Then we used it. Oh my! It smells amazing! And foams and lathers like a dream! I went back to the Blossom Shop and bought more and also ordered the large refill online. I know it’s limited supply so I want to have extra! I’m so glad I received it as a gift and I look forward to trying other scents!

Peppermint Stick foaming hand soap

Love, love, love it.

A mojito in my bath!

The smell of this rosemary mint reminds me of yummy summer lemonades with mint and of course, mojitos. It is just the feeling of sunshine I need in the doldrums of Winter!

Love these soaps

I love all of the foaming hand soaps, and the mulled apple cider scent is my kid's favorite!

Special texture for a silky skin
The best brand in the states for sure!!

Incredible scent

Spectacular scent that lasts hours!!

Amazing scent!

The scent is one of my favorites! Also the soap leaves my hands with a very smooth feeling

Pride in craftsmanship

The quality of paper and ribbon and creative style of wrapping was superb. This ain’t your Amazon wrap job. I suggest that you use it and you will be proud to have it reflect you good taste.

Lovely Lip Balm

I love this lip balm! The feel on my lips, the sugar cookie scent of the vanilla! It's Wonderful!

I love Gentle Citrus with Calendula Sugar Scrub.

This scrub is the best! It’s exfoliating yet gentle. The scent is really beautiful.
When I put the cream on. It leaves a subtle scent.

Love this!

Great lotion for at work

LOVE IT!!!!!!

This smells amazing (but not too strong) and made my skin feel so soft! A little goes a long way so I expect the product to last a while.

Great gift!

I purchased this for the company Yankee swap and thought it was a great gift for anyone. My coworker who now has it loves the hand cream most of all. Thank you for sharing your wonderful products

Smells so sweet! Absorbs fast, not greasy- great for hands.

Love this lotion. My favorite brand :)

Great Gift!

This was a gift, so these opinions are the recipient's. She has a sensitive nose, and says the scent is good and not too strong. The lotion is thick and smooth. It tingles if you use a lot or where skin is sensitive. It's best to use just before bed or when skin is damp; otherwise, it doesn't rub in well. Overall, she's very pleased with it, and I'm relieved the scent doesn't bother her nose!

Great lotion!

I love this lotion! It has the perfect amount of scent and the scent is wonderful! It absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky.

Pay attention to every detail

Every detail is met in this Spa Set. It is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. I love that this is a small woman-owned business supporting other small women's businesses by using their products made fresh from their farms. So you know everything you are getting is made is made is fresh. I have told all my friends and family about this beautiful gift set.