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Oatmeal, yogurt and honey bar soap

I love the fresh scent of this OYH soap.

Rose Passionfruit Bar Soap

It can be hard to imagine the scent of a product by name alone, this one, however, truly lives up to it. It's absolutely lovely! I would highly recommend it.

Awesome Deodorant

This is an all natural deodorant that actually works! It smells great, doesn't irritate the skin, and lasts all day. My favorite scent is the lavender birch!


Custom Lip Balms were perfect for our conference. They were a hit. Farmers Body made it happen with a speedy turn around time and excellent product.


Wonderful texture & makes my skin smooth but there could be more lavender scent. I barely smelled it.

Perfect Teacher Gift!

I wanted to get a gift for both of my sons' teachers that wasn't too expensive, wasn't just a gift card, and wasn't something they'd want to throw away (as a former teacher, I know teachers often receive gifts they don't need or want). I love the Farmer's Body products so I wanted to share that love, and this was the perfect way. The bag is such a cute presentation that you don't even need to wrap it. And you really can't go wrong with giving someone hand soap, lotion, and lip balm. I can't wait to give these gifts to my sons' teachers this year!

Prodigal Mug

This is a nice is microwaveable ..and it keeps drinks hot or cold for a while. It is made of stoneware so it's durable and it washes nicely.

Foaming Hand Soap

Love this product! So many great scents to choose from. I bought the Lilac and the Honeysuckle and had 1 of each item wrapped for gifts. This is my new go to place for amazing items for myself and for gifts.

Pink Grapefruit and Mint Leaves

This candle burns well, doesn't smoke, and smells good. I just wish the scent was stronger.

Pink Grapefruit and Mint Leaves

I really like wearing this lip balm! It is moisturizing and lasts for a long time and because of this...I recommend it!

Wonderful absorption

Of course, the lotions smell lovely but absorption is always the most important factor. No one wants a fantastic smelling lotion that sits on the top of your skin and then you feel like a kitty with tape on its paws. Absorbs easily and leaves skin soft.

Mint yum!

These are a little pick me up when the season changes and I need a bit of moisturizer. Yummy mint peps you up!

Rich Body Butter

This body butter is very moisturizing but not greasy sinks into the skin and scent is pleasant not overwhelming.

Navidium Shipping Protection

This company made certain that my package arrived with the correct product, wasn't damaged, and in a timely manner!

Vanilla Deoderant

I was hoping for a more straight vanilla scent. I didn't try the deodorant I ordered as I didn't like the scent (this is only my opinion though).

It works!!

I purchased this on a whim at Vintage Market days in Rutland last spring. I love the company and figured I’ve tried every other natural deodorant, so why not one from a women owned, VT based company? Little did I know, my life was about the change and my search for a natural deodorant that actually works was over!!! I LOVE THIS DEODORANT! Yes, I still sweat, but I don’t stink! I still smell good after working outside in 90 degree weather. I smell good after workouts. I smell good every day! I’m so excited and sing its praises to everyone I meet.

Gentle Citrus Bar Soap

This soap smells so very good and it lathers nice, but does not dry out the skin. This is great with so many other soaps on the market that tends to dry out my skin.

Lavender and Wildflowers

This hand and body lotion is wonderful, it smells really nice, and feels even better on my skin...I recommend it!

Grapefruit and Mint Foaming Hand Soap

This hand soap is lovely, it smells great, and it's very moisturizing...I recommend it to everyone!

Deodorant duo

This is the only deodorant i purchase and use.
My daughter loves it as well.
Works extremely well with all natural ingredients!

Sampler Bar Soap Bundle

Wonderful value of wonderful fragrant bar soap. Some are irregular, but the use of the bars are top notch. I will purchase again!

Lotion Perfection

On my combination skin, I find this lotion works really well. My older skin is tissue thin and some lotions just "sit" on it. This lotion absorbs really well.

SECONDS - Lavender with Wildflowers Bar Soap

Pink Grapefruit with Mint Leaves Sugar Scrub

Absolutely love it. With so many different options to choose from as far as it goes for brands, I decided to give this a try because of one of the brand ambassadors Scotty. The stories behind how it’s made, what it’s made of and who makes it, says it all! I purchased multiple items; the Grapefruit Scrub, Lavender body butter, lavender lotion and more … if you’re unsure what to choose… go for Farmers Body! It will have all of the answers to your body’s questions!

Vermont Maple with Jersey Cream Lip Balm
Kathy from Colorado

My husband was given your lip balm from his dentists as a gift. I tried it and stole
it. Within in a week I ordered 3 more flavors. It's the best balm I've ever used!