Meet our team: Acadia

Meet our team: Acadia

I’m back with the second installment of “Meet the Farmer’s Body team.” Last time you got to know a little bit about my assistant, Jill, operations manager. This time, you’ll get to meet our operations assistant. 


Meet Acadia: Operations Assistant

Acadia was the second to join the Farmer’s Body team in [season] 2019. As the operations assistant, Acadia helps out Jill.

Even my assistant needs an assistant! 

“I do lots of things around the building like dishes, sweeping, boxing and labeling, inventory, etc. I do whatever is left over.”

Acadia became a part of the team after her mom helped out for about a month in 2019: “[My mom] said it would be a good part-time [job] for me! My family has known of Farmer’s Body for a while.”

And what’s your favorite Farmer’s Body product?

“My favorite is probably the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter! That scent is one of my favorites, and I really enjoy the feel of the body butter.”

I agree, Acadia the body butter is so silky and smooth!


Click on this link to buy Acadia’s favorite body butter.


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