Meet our Team: Andreina!

Meet our Team: Andreina!

It’s time for our third installment of “Meet the Farmer’s Body team.” Over the past two months you have gotten the opportunity to meet Jill, the operations manager, and Acadia, the operations assistant. Next to join the team was a vital addition for growing the Farmer’s Body business.   

Meet Andreina: Social Media Manager

Andreina joined the team in late spring of 2021 as the social media manager.

She helps keep the social media, like Facebook and Instagram, updated and interesting: “[I help] grow our social media presence, get more newsletter subscriptions, and also help with the sales. With social media, we can build a community of fans [for] Farmer’s Body, and we are the direct channel between the customer and Farmer's Body.”

I certainly couldn’t do this business successfully without a social media presence, and boy, does that take a lot of work! So how did Andreina become part of the team, you ask? 

“I started working with Meggan's husband, and I was very impressed with [the] Farmer’s Body products, [especially] that they were all handmade from natural ingredients from an actual farm. So I wanted to be part of it too and help as much as I can.” 

Andreina’s favorite product is the lip balm: “[T]hey are so refreshing and hydrating that my lips feel so soft after using them that I'm just obsessed with them.”

Chapped lips be gone! Click here to grab Andreina’s favorite Farmer’s Body product now!


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