Farmer’s Body’s 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Farmer’s Body’s 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Can you believe that Christmas is already right around the corner? We can’t! It’s time to go ahead and start thinking about what you’re going to give all your loved ones this holiday season. Stuck with no ideas? Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered. Here’s our official 2021 Christmas gift guide. 

  1. Handmade Bar Soap. There’s nothing better than receiving something handmade for Christmas! Plus, everyone needs soap. That’s why a bar of handmade soap makes a great Christmas gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Our handmade bar soaps are made with ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that are great for any skin type. 
  1. Soap Socks. If you want to really boost your gift-giving game, we suggest picking up a cool soap sock to accompany the handmade bar soaps. Soap socks are great because they extend the lifetime of the soap and they provide extra skin exfoliating power. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers! 

We’re loving these handmade crocheted soap socks made by Knitsa Wonderful Life on Etsy. They’re large enough to hold a full bar of soap, and they include a drawstring that doubles as a handy shower hanger. 

  1. Handmade Sugar Scrub. One of the best ways to show how much you care about each and every person on your Christmas gift list is by giving them the gift of self-care. Nothing says, “I love you,” quite like a handmade gift your loved ones can use to treat themselves and engage in some quality self-care time. Our handmade sugar scrubs are filled with ingredients like olive oil infused with calendula oil and castor seed oil that are ultra-luxurious and great for the skin. 
  1. Scented Soy Candles. We think everyone could use more candles in their lives, especially around the holidays. Handpoured scented soy candles make great gifts for anyone who’s already a candle fan or anyone who appreciates good smells and handmade products in general. Each of our scented soy candles is poured with lots of love and is free of dyes and additives, so you can feel good about giving them to your friends and family this holiday season. 

Here are a few of our top picks for holiday scents: 

  • Apple Cider
  • Evergreen and Embers
  • Orange Peel and Cinnamon 

P.S. We also offer a candle subscription that would make an amazing gift for the candle lovers in your life! 

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