Do You Know About Our Batch Look-up? Discover the Farmers Who Helped Make Your Product!

Do You Know About Our Batch Look-up? Discover the Farmers Who Helped Make Your Product!

Did You Know...?

We have a UNIQUE FEATURE on our website - a BATCH LOOK-UP page.
Meggan, what is a batch look-up page?
All of our products have a unique batch number written on them, as you can see on the body butter in the above picture.
That batch number will allow you to meet the actual farmers who grew the ingredients featured in your Farmer's Body products!
Woah! That's so cool! How do I find this batch look-up page?
When you receive the package with your products, a card similar to the one above will be included in it.
You can scan the QR code with your phone, and it will take you to the batch look-up website. Or you can enter this web address into your browser:
Okay, got it. And then what do I do when I get there?
You'll see a page similar to what is pictured above. You can enter the batch #, click search, and voila . . . meet the farmers whose livelihoods you are supporting through your purchase!
For example, for the body butter from the first picture above, I would enter H74G. When I click search, it will take me to a new page where I can see all of the women farmers who contributed ingredients to this product.
Wow! Meggan, I don't know any other small businesses that do anything like this. Why would you do that? (It seems like a lot of extra work. 🤔) 
Transparency, transparency, transparency! I want you guys to know not only where we get our high quality ingredients, but also that we are a small business who values supporting other small businesses.
Now go grab your Farmer's Body products and find out who contributed to the making of each of your products! Learn all about the women farmers you are supporting through your Farmer's Body purchases. 🌟

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