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WHO Formula Hand Santizer

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Wash your hands! But if you don't have your soap and water handy (think: in the car, at the grocery store, etc.), then reach for the hand sanitizer! This is the World Health Organization recommended formula hand sanitizer with 75% by volume isopropyl alcohol, verified by hygrometer. The real thing! (yes, we know we are nerds...but seriously, it is important to KNOW it is 75% isopropyl alcohol so we are confident it meets the WHO criteria). Nothing additional has been added to this formula, as per the recommendations of the WHO (no fragrance, etc.).

We are offering hand sanitizer in a convenient travel size (skinny spray bottle that fits nicely in a pocket, purse, bag, etc.) and in an 8oz refill size (no sprayer). Keep those hands germ-free!! Can also be used on surfaces (like your steering wheel).

Made in compliance with FDA-2020-D-1106.

**Please note that due to supply chain disruptions, packaging/containers may vary from photos**