*Limited Edition* Summer Scents are Here!

*Limited Edition* Summer Scents are Here!

Summer Never Smelled So Good!

We are excited to share with you our new line of

*Limited Edition* SUMMER scents!



🫐 Wild Maine Blueberry 🫐
🍋 Fresh Lemon with Sweet Honey 🍯
🍓 Alexandria Strawberry with Rhubarb 🍓
🌿 Herb Garden 🌿
These delightful scents are available in our lip balmhand & body lotion and foaming hand soap.

PLUS, we are going to have 3 ADDITIONAL refreshing lip balm scents! 🎉

🍉 Watermelon 🍉
🌸 Pink Lemonade 🍋
🍊 Orange Creamsicle🍦

This line was inspired by the beautiful produce that we have all been eagerly waiting for during those long, cold winter months. These scents are bright, fresh, and juicy just like the fruits and herbs they were inspired by.


These scents are sure to be loved by all as they bring some of the beauty of the summertime harvest to your home.


Shop now for yourself or as a gift for a friend and indulge in these limited edition summer scents while they are available!


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